The Clarion Club

According to most dictionaries, a “Clarion Call” is a strong request for something to happen. We believe all children have a calling on their life. In this light, we created the Clarion Club to work steadfast with vulnerable youth by using exceptional techniques that we’ve created as transformational experiences in their life.

The Clarion Club – Available to students in Barrow County

Our chief aim is to aid students in finding their calling, preparing for middle or high school graduation, matriculating to college or a career, and successfully transitioning into adulthood. Ensuring the students we serve in this program have equitable opportunities for life success is our only acceptable outcome. In doing so, we’ll promote basic knowledge, civic responsibility, moral values, economic self-sufficiency, and awareness of each student’s potential in this country.

The club consists of two sessions (one weekday and one Saturday). The weekday sessions focus on a pre-selected topic, where students are immersed in learning about the topic, how it applies to them now, or how it might apply to them later. Students experience topics through lectures, independent study, imagination/visualization, questions and answers, and mapping/planning how to integrate the topic for the best use in their lives. Attending in-person sessions is essential to learning and a prerequisite to attending Saturday LIVE excursions.

By program graduation day, students will have spent time, energy, and work developing a success mindset and planning their futures accordingly. They will also have made life-long friends along the way. So, our graduation ceremony will be more than just a moment in time; surrounded by family, friends, and teachers. It will represent an amazing chapter in students’ lives and one big defining moment they’ll remember for years to come.