High School Mentorship

We believe that education is essential for financial and personal success. However, statistics has shown that students from communities or homes with economic disparities are not being afforded the same opportunities as their peers in more affluent communities.

We help high school students draw the important connection between higher education and future success, as well as expand their capacity for a college-going or workforce-ready mindset

The High School Mentorship Program focuses on four components:

  1. Drawing the connection between education and financial success
  2. Attaining requirements to qualify for college or workforce readiness
  3. Overcoming financial barriers to entering college or prepare for the workforce
  4. Becoming community change agents


Mentors help High School participants to:

  • Uncover their interests, abilities and aptitudes
  • Determine post-secondary pathways that may be appropriate for them to pursue
  • Set realistic but challenging goals
  • Create an action plan to achieve set goals
  • Provide insights and suggestions towards goal attainment
  • Support and hold students accountable all through-out the process.
“By our measures, more than half of underserved students aren’t college ready,” said ACT CEO Janet Godwin.