Hear What Others Are Saying About Us

Thank you Because One Matters for the duffel bag for our precious placement. We appreciate the support you give to foster children and foster parents.
Eric & Cindy Crowder
October 2021
Annistown Elementary would like to thank you for your generous donation to our school. Our students will benefit from the bookbags for many reasons. Again, we are grateful for your kindness.
Gwenda Nimmo-Smith & the Annistown Staff
August 2021
My experience in completing this challenge was really good because I have learned a lot from watching the Ted Talk video about “Science of Mentorship”, not to mention my how to use the Doodly software to create and complete this challenge.
What I have learned is how to create anime, which I think is a skill that you can earn an income from while educating or entertaining others. In completing this challenge, I also learned about mentorship, which I think is a great word. It’s about being there for someone. I faced a lot of obstacles when working on this challenge. (1) It started with internet problems. I had to walk out half of my community and a whole next community to reach my grandmother’s house where the internet is. When I get there, sometimes the Doodly software doesn’t function as it supposed to. For example, when I’m doing the voice over it isn’t being recorded. Or, after working on my video all day, when it was time to extract it and upload it on my Google drive, the system would crash or give problems. Miss Dixon and Miss Ranglin try to help us all out by letting us come by the school to work on the video. Going to the school and working with the other students in the challenge helped me with understanding the Doodly software even better. I thank my fellow participants all so much for that help. (2) No laptop. I didn’t have a laptop to use, but God worked something out. Because One Matters gave my brother (who was also in the challenge) a brand-new laptop, and he and I shared the laptop to complete both our videos. This meant we had to take turns using the laptop. This was hard, but I still appreciated it so much, because it helped me to complete my video. Some benefits I gained from participating in this challenge are: (1) It helped me gain knowledge about mentorship. (2)I learned a skill how to create anime using the Doodly software. (3) In my spare time I think it can help me create entertaining or educational content for people while earning an income off the different platforms such YouTube etc. (4) I would encourage other students to participate in this challenge in the future to gain the knowledge of how to develop the skills of creating anime. After high school this can help me in a lot of ways like to earn an income and also help me in my career path because of the skills I have learned from this challenge.
Alex - High School Student
August 2021
I just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing you and your organization are to our family❤️ On Monday, my child came home sad. She said, “I was the only person in class who did not have a Chromebook or laptop.” I called the school to see if any were available and there is a waiting list. I had no idea that students needed to bring their own devices for in class learning. I had registered her two days before school and no one said anything. Last year, she attended Meadowcreek HS online. So .... I was thinking that things were back to normal when I registered her at South Gwinnett HS. By chance, I sent you a text and within hours you personally delivered a Chromebook to her. We were so excited. Unlike the school’s device .... the Chromebook that you brought was hers to keep. No more begging or waiting. HOW AWESOME !!! AN UNEXPECTED BLESSING!!! Because One Matters is a wonderful organization. You give with such kindness, always a smile and (most important to me) no judgement. You didn’t stop there. You inquired about my new child in the home. Thank you for the duffel bag and Chromebook for my foster daughter. I registered her today at Snellville MS and she has everything that she needs..
Ms. Delois- Foster Parent
August 2021
If you’re looking for an internship that will give you real-world experience, look no further! Upon starting with Because One Matters, I was tasked with completing many different projects for the organization, and I was able to include all of these projects on my resume. This internship truly allowed me to further my career, as the experience I gained from this internship allowed me to secure another internship and, soon after, a full-time position. The trust and creative freedom given to interns at Because One Matters is priceless. The leaders of Because One Matters genuinely care about each of their interns, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at Because One Matters.
Christy T - College Intern
June 2021

I would like to extend my gratitude and let you know how appreciative I am for your help to acquire this laptop. It really means a lot to me and I promise I will make the best use of it as promised.

On behalf of my family, we thank you for making what we thought impossible, possible. Again, I am eternally grateful.

Joel C. - High School Student
June 2021
Gratitude is a word used to express thankfulness and praise. The Bible teaches us about the power of having a grateful heart. A general attitude of thanksgiving in both the trials and blessings of life distinguishes the Christian. The apostle Paul exhorts us in Scripture to give thanks for all things, in all circumstances Eph 5:20; 1

I am a Haitian student from Northern Caribbean University (NCU) pursuing a bachelor degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting. I am very grateful to Because One Matters non-profit organization for supporting me with a scholarship. The scholarship alleviated my past-due charges and helped me to focus more on my assignments and studies. Not having that burdensome debt overwhelming me, was a great blessing. Once again, thank you Because One matters for investing in me. May the Lord provide abundantly to your organization, so that you can help more student like me all over the world.
Jolina G - College Student
July 2021
Andrea and her organization has been God sent. They've always come through when least expected for my foster babies birthday gifts along with birthday parties, school supplies for all kids in DFCS custody, helping with food during this pandemic, etc, etc. They are just amazing!
Shells G. - Foster Parent
Aug. 2020

Dear Andrea, I wanted to personally demonstrate my thanks towards your generosity with this note. Through the many wonderful  people I have been able to connect with (such as yourself). I am confident that my future will be ripe with splendorous opportunities.  It is such an honor that people are able to connect with my story, and I hope to inspire others with similar upbringings to maintain faith in a better tomorrow.  I look forward to connecting with you again very soon.
A.W (Foster Child)
August 2020

 "What a wonderful way to give back. You are a blessing. Thank you for the love and kindness you are showing these children" 
S. Chandler.
May 2019

 Special thanks to Because One Matters for being a wonderful support for Gwinnett County Foster Youth. As a licensed foster Parent for Gwinnett County DFCS, our youth sometimes comes into care with just the clothes on their backs. I have personally reached out to this organization to assist our youth with clothing donations and without hesitation our youth received requested items within hours. I can't thank you enough for everything your organization does.
Patricia J.
May 2018

 "Eric and I appreciate you including us and the sweet babies we are fostering and we thank Because One Matters for the love all the kids were shown today.  The birthday girl and her big brother absolutely love the wagon. She loved her prayer book we read at bedtime.  The backpack will be useful for her to start showing her independence with putting things she loves inside and carrying it with her.  Her brother loved his ball he picked from the table of gifts for the non birthday kids. Again, thank you all for the lovely day. We look forward to getting to know more foster parents and others from your organization to help foster relationships to build a successful tomorrow for these wonderful children who are our future adults and leaders." 
Eric & Cindy C.
June 2018

 Fun day at the Georgia Aquarium! So thankful to Because One Matters for providing tickets to us and other foster families! 
Wendy B.
November 2018