Hear What Others Are Saying About Us

 "What a wonderful way to give back. You are a blessing. Thank you for the love and kindness you are showing these children" - S. Chandler 

 Special thanks to Because One Matters for being a wonderful support for Gwinnett County Foster Youth. As a licensed foster Parent for Gwinnett County DFCS, our youth sometimes comes into care with just the clothes on their backs. I have personally reached out to this organization to assist our youth with clothing donations and without hesitation our youth received requested items within hours. I can't thank you enough for everything your organization does.- Patricia J. Johnson 

"Eric and I appreciate you including us and the sweet babies we are fostering and we thank Because One Matters for the love all the kids were shown today.  The birthday girl and her big brother absolutely love the wagon. She loved her prayer book we read at bedtime.  The backpack will be useful for her to start showing her independence with putting things she loves inside and carrying it with her.  Her brother loved his ball he picked from the table of gifts for the non birthday kids. Again, thank you all for the lovely day. We look forward to getting to know more foster parents and others from your organization to help foster relationships to build a successful tomorrow for these wonderful children who are our future adults and leaders." 

"This is an awesome way to give back. No better way to change the world but only through the young minds. Much respect". -Drock Lynn 

Because One Matters you rock. Thank you for all you do to support Georgia's foster children

 Fun day at the Georgia Aquarium! So thankful to Because One Matters for providing tickets to us and other foster families! - W. Blaze

 Because One Matters Organization is the definition of Faith in Action. They do not just sit back and write checks, they are completely hands on and are making a huge difference in the lives of foster children and families. From their birthday parties to their annual back to school drive, I have personally seen the smiles on the children's faces and the hard work that goes on behind the scene. This is an organization that I truly believe in and I know God has His hand in all they do.  -DawnWJ-2019

 Their generosity, patience, and just plain old passion for serving foster kids is amazing. The smiles and excitement that is displayed on each child's face as they receive and open their gift, is priceless. It is just something about meeting the needs of children, especially those that are less fortunate. I dare anyone who has a passion for kids, to volunteer their time with this organization and watch how it change your life. - CTGaines 2019

 It has been a pleasure for me to support an organization like Because One Matters. Their vision and focus on foster children have resonated throughout the communities they are impacting. As such, I have pledged volunteer time and funding in support of their work and will continue to do so. Your support of Because One Matters will help the organization to maximize its potential for worthy foster children and their families.  - Dewane D 

 Because One Matters is a great nonprofit organization! The impact they leave on the lives of community is so amazing. The organization hosts birthday parties for the Gwinnett County Foster Care system and the smiles on these children faces are priceless. The joy and love they feel on a day that may have not always been so special is heart melting. The appreciation of such an event is also shown on the Foster Care parents as well. This organization helps whenever possible such a back to school drives, care packages to help with new assignments and providing meals. I have watched this organization grow and hope the growth continues and the impact is amazing on many lives thus far.  - Indrea D

 Another BIG Thank you to Because One Matters and Andrea Barclay. Our 9 year old foster son and 7 year old foster daughter were so excited to ride on their brand new bikes today! They also love the awesome science kits from Because One Matters! ( Photo attached ) God bless Because One Matters! Thank you for making a huge difference and put smiles on foster kids' faces! 

 BIG Thank you to Because One Matters and Andrea Barclay !! Because of you, your scholarship and your generous donors, our 14 year old foster son was able to attend summer camp and all Friday's field trips! He was really excited because he couldn't afford field trips before. On top of that, today our 14 year old foster son also received an awesome Because One Matters Duffle bag with books, blankets, clothes and all the good stuffs! ( Photo attached ) Thank you so much!!! We really appreciate it and our foster son loved it!!! Can't Thank you enough!!! :-) God bless you Because One Matters!!! 

 I just wanted to let you know we gave our foster daughter her art supplies you guys gave her for her birthday. She was very surprised and loved all of it. She is already planning her next drawing. I think your gift will keep her busy this summer. Thank you so much for all that you guys do for our children, we appreciate you so much! You guys are a real blessing to so many. God bless you and thank you again! Sincerely, Regina  (2020)